Architectural Aluminium Composite Facades

At Paneltec, we inspire possibilities for Kiwi architecture design. Our aluminium composite facades are perfect for use on the exterior of office buildings, apartments, high-rise buildings and other major construction projects.

Aluminium facade systems and their use on buildings have multiple purposes that reach far beyond their aesthetic value. Their various possibilities make them very popular in modern architecture. Most architects use facades for:

  • Heat control
  • Wind resistance
  • Sun control
  • Ventilation of buildings
  • Muffling outside noise
  • Resistance to fire

New Zealand’s towns, cities and urban areas are growing taller in order to accommodate our growing population. Since we are building taller, we also need to build smarter. Here at Paneltec, we offer superior, clever solutions that keep up with the changes we see in our urban environments.

Aluminium Composite Facades

Get your aluminium facades with Paneltec

Building in aluminium allows lighter, stronger, and more efficient projects. It also expands the ability to develop new ways of working and products to meet every challenge. The aluminium composite facades that we offer here at Paneltec are designed for innovation.

Architectural facades made from aluminium are strong, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant. Compared to alternative frame materials such as steel, aluminium products are lighter, more cost-effective and more thermally efficient than their competitors.

Our Paneltec installation systems allow installers to fabricate the panels in their workshops and deliver them to the site, ready to install. That allows fast installation and lowers the likelihood of damage to the face of the panels.

A major advantage of our products here at Paneltec is that they are made to last – even the harshest weather conditions New Zealand has to offer. Our architectural aluminium composite facades get coated in the highly recognized Kynar 500 PVDF or FEVE paint system. We use these products because they are high-purity engineering thermoplastics with excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and UV stability.

The advantages of aluminium facades

In architectural cladding, there are many advantages to using aluminium over other metals. When designing and constructing buildings, it’s always important to look at all the possible benefits your facade materials can offer. Below are some important qualities of aluminium.

It is lightweight

Aluminium facades are one of the easiest possible systems to install compared to, for example, steel facade systems. That is because aluminium is an extremely light metal, weighing a third of the weight of steel. Induracore G2 aluminium is a popular option, as its advanced technology allows it to be even lighter than solid aluminium – at a lower cost and easier installation. 

Resistant to weather and corrosion

Aluminium is coated in oxide, which naturally protects the metal from corrosion and other weather effects. Indurabond, Induracore G2, and Induraplate have a PVDF paint coating, giving the aluminium more protection and unlimited colour options. Having an aluminium exterior is, therefore, an advantage for your building. It will last for several decades, looking as fresh as it did the day of installation.

It is physically flexible

If you are looking for a flexible metal, then aluminium is your material of choice. Easily bent and very malleable, aluminium can be cut and shaped to fit on any building facade. Architects love this feature of the metal as it allows them to expand their realm of possibilities.

The most environmentally sustainable metal

Of all the metals, aluminium is the easiest to recycle without losing any of its inherent qualities. It takes very little energy to recycle, and about 70% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. That, plus the fact that a whopping 8% of the Earth’s crust is made of aluminium, makes this metal the most eco-friendly choice.

Inspire design and manufacture possibilities with Paneltec

Here at Paneltec, we believe in our motto, “inspiring design, manufacturing possibilities.” We work with developers, architects, builders, and our own installers to create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Aluminium as a facade saves an incredible amount of space and weight. In addition, aluminium always looks fresh, as it retains its shape and colour for many years. To provide a comparison, a wooden facade in our humid climate would need renewing every 10-15 years.  

Our aluminium facade systems are fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code and are tested to the AS/NZS 4284. None of our products gets released unless they pass all tests to a high standard, making it weatherproofed  E2 external moisture  standards. 

Using our high-quality panels, many different architectural facades can be achieved, including fascias, soffits, awnings, and many other facade applications.

With an extensive range of colours available in New Zealand and short lead times from our factories for custom orders, we are able to work with installers to make sure your aluminium facade system can be installed to your project’s specific timeline.

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