Indurabond Aluminium Composite Panel

Paneltec’s Indurabond aluminium composite panel is manufactured with commercial, industrial, and other low-rise projects in mind. With an FR (fire rated) core that has been tested to the NFPA 285 Fire Standard, it is fully compliant for use on any project under 10 meters in height.

Aluminium Laminated Panels

Lightweight, versatile, and durable, Indurabond is a fantastic cladding that is ideal for use as external facades, fascias, and architectural rainscreens. Indurabond has a Fire Retardant (FR) core which is made up of 70% non-combustible material – the perfect solution for optimum fire safety.

Aluminium Composite Panel

It contains hydroxide, a non-combustible mineral designed to release water vapour and suppress fire spread. If you are looking for a cladding solution that will protect your building, Indurabond is one of the best.

Indurabond is made up of multiple layers, as shown below: 

  1. Peel-off Protective Film
  2. Clear/Nano Coating
  3. PVDF Coloured Coating
  4. Primer Coating
  5. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  6. 3mm Fire Retardant Core
  7. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  8. Polyester Anti-Corrosion Coating

Other cladding solutions may have a similar composition to the Indurabond aluminium composite panel, but you will be far less likely to get the quality of service and diverse range of colours and finishes that we offer at Paneltec. Indurabond has the biggest colour range, and we hold the largest stock in New Zealand of quality aluminium composite panels.

Plus, of course, our backup technical support and service here at Paneltec is second-to-none. Get in touch now to find out more about how Indurabond can serve as your next cladding solution.

Paneltec’s composite aluminium panel

Aluminium composite panels are made for the low-rise commercial, industrial, and residential markets in New Zealand. They are cost-effective and durable building facades suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Whatever your building requirements, Indurabond can match them. This material is highly versatile and can be drilled, cut, folded, and curved to suit the many different facade designs created by architects.

The Paneltec advantage

If you are looking to build a new home, office block, or other commercial building (or re-clad an existing building) that is less than 10 meters, then Indurabond is the perfect architectural, low-maintenance cladding. At Paneltec, we work with developers, architects, builders, and installers to make sure all our projects are up to spec and installed correctly. You can view our projects that testify Indurabonds effectiveness in a diverse range of applications.

Indurabond boasts the largest colour range that you can find among New Zealand’s panellings solutions. With multiple ready-made sizes available in each colour, it is the most cost-effective aluminium composite panel for installers. When the size that is most suitable for any project needs is readily accessible, there is less wastage per job.

Indurabond comes in eight standard colours, plus an unlimited range – such as chromatic, wood, and stone looks, along with sparkling finishes – when minimum order quantities are met. The paints used on Indurabond offer the highest level of weather and UV durability.

Featuring a concealed fix z-angle cassette system, Indurabond is installed simply by routing and folding panels in the factory, this makes their installation simple, rapid, and above all, cost-effective, with less damage to the panels. What’s more, when you place your Induabond with a licensed, qualified installer, we will offer you a 15-year warranty. 

In addition to the superior stock availability we hold here in New Zealand, you are also backed by technical support and service by the team at Paneltec.

Indurabond qualifications

The Indurabond aluminium composite panel has been independently tested to prove its superior quality, and comes certified with:

PASS Certificate

Indurabond has been thoroughly tested against New Zealand’s building regulations, holding a Product Assurance Supplier Statement (PASS).

NFPA 285

Indurabond has been tested to the NFPA 285 standard and passed, meaning it is suitable for unrestricted use under 10m.

Masterspec Partner

Indurabond specification is available on Masterspec.

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