The Best Exterior Cladding in NZ

Here at Paneltec, we specialise in exterior fire retardant and non-combustible industrial cladding. We offer a wide range of aluminium products, providing great options for our clients. Contact us today to get the best quality exterior cladding in NZ!

Whatever your building project, our team at Paneltec is here to help. Our technical specialists have worked on all types of building facades, from small office buildings to multi-storey apartments. The exterior cladding at Paneltec offers you a broad range of affordable and durable solutions.

Choose wall cladding systems that will last

When you work with Paneltec, you can enjoy a range of distinct advantages.

Exterior Cladding NZ

Our range includes the standard ACP (aluminium composite panel), solid aluminium panel, and, of course, our unique ALP (aluminium laminated panel). 

We can proudly say we have one of the widest ranges of colours and sizes available in New Zealand. Our network of installers throughout New Zealand is there to make sure your cladding is installed to our specifications and per building regulations. All our panels have a PVDF or FEVE paint finish, giving them extra protection against the elements. 

All our aluminium facade cladding panels come with a peel-off protection film, which minimises damage and scratches to the paint surface before installation on your building. We have put a polyester anti-corrosion primer on the back of our panels to further protect the aluminium against oxidisation and make your facade last even longer.

We offer three different kinds of wall cladding fixing systems to suit the different building and architectural facades for commercial and residential developments. If you are interested in our exterior cladding in NZ, contact Paneltec today!

Induracore G2 Aluminium Laminated Panels

Ideal for both external wall cladding and the internal lining on commercial and residential buildings, the Induracore G2 contains no composite materials. While fabricated the same as the standard composite panels,  it has high mechanical properties and contains a 100% aluminium core. The PVDF coating and surface flatness create outstanding resistance to weather and pollutants.

Indurabond Aluminium Composite Panels

This composite cladding is made of lightweight material, a fantastic choice for constructing external facades, along with fascias and sun blades on low-rise commercial and residential buildings. Thus, it is highly versatile, perfect for any project under 10m. While only 4mm thick, it contains a fire-rated core sandwiched between two aluminium cover sheets.

Induraplate Solid 3mm Aluminium Panel

The solid 3mm aluminium panel is 100% non-combustible. Durable, fire-tested, and fully compliant with all the latest building regulations, this is another great option if you are looking for an exterior aluminium cladding solution with high impact resistance.

Choose quality

We specialise in top quality products, so our exterior claddings are made from durable, 100% recyclable aluminium. When you choose Paneltec, you get:

  • Full building code compliance 
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 15-year warranty on all panels 
  • High-quality PVDF or FEVE finish. 

Our exterior cladding NZ works on all buildings, including homes, businesses, offices, industrial facilities, and more. Talk to us today to find out what product would work best for your project.

Innovative solutions

Here at Paneltec, we believe in optimising durability, sustainability, and design.

We take pride in creating long-lasting, aesthetically appealing aluminium facades that are built to last. Aluminium is one of the world’s most sustainable and renewable materials, so it is perfect if you want to achieve a high green rating on your building.

We specialise in cladding that will enhance your exterior surfaces and protect against all weather conditions. Whether your building needs protection against the baking sun, industrial pollutants, or salty sea breezes, our panels are the perfect solution.

Paneltec solutions add protection and dimension to any exterior surface. 

We ensure a 15-year warranty on all our external aluminium cladding products.

The Paneltec advantage

Our facade cladding systems are available for interior and exterior wall surfaces, featuring lasting durability and an excellent weight to strength ratio. Highly workable for all building designs, they require minimal maintenance, are perfect for any surface (whether interior or exterior), and are consistently reliable with a prime, quality finish. 

At Paneltec, we take pride in our exceptional customer service and our ability to provide expert end-to-end project management support. That way, you get help from our team of professionals throughout your project. 

We offer a product that combines bold visual effects, sleek designs, and cost-effective installation. Whether your next project is for your home, the office, an entrance hall or an industrial building, Paneltec can help make your project run as smoothly as possible. With plenty of colours to choose from and a large stock holding of exterior cladding in NZ, we ensure there are no undue delays or hold-ups to your project. 

Paneltec’s wide range of products gives you the best in New Zealand external cladding, fortifies your building’s infrastructure and offers a contemporary finish. Aluminium is virtually infinitely recyclable, so when you choose our solutions, you are choosing a more sustainable future, something you can display in the manufacture of your building.

Let us be your new choice in wall cladding. Thinking aluminium cladding? Think Paneltec.