Our Facade Materials

Be inspired by Paneltec’s architectural panels, made with premium quality facade materials designed for commercial and industrial buildings, high-end residential homes, apartment blocks, and much more!

Our facades are primarily created from aluminium. Aluminium ticks all the boxes when it comes to durability, sustainability, aesthetics, functionality, and durability. If you want your building to look good while using quality material, choose a Paneltec aluminium facade.

High-Quality Facade Materials

We offer four different options for wall cladding systems to suit your commercial and residential developments. If you are interested in our exterior cladding in NZ, contact Paneltec today!

Induracore G2 Aluminium Laminated Panels

Ideal for both external wall cladding and the internal lining on commercial and residential buildings.

Facade Materials

Induracore G2 has an aluminium stamped core that contains no composite materials, and therefore has no limitations on which project it can be used on. It is fabricated the same way as standard ACM and has high mechanical properties with a 100% aluminium core. The PVDF coating and unique stamped core create outstanding flatness, rigidity and resistance to weather and industrial pollutants.

Indurabond Aluminium Composite Panels

Indurabond is our standard ACM composite cladding that is made of lightweight material and is a fantastic choice for constructing external facades as well as fascias and sun blades. Thus, it is highly versatile, the perfect cost effective aluminium cladding for any project under 10m. Indurabond is only 4mm thick, it contains a fire retardent core, sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.

Induraplate Solid 3mm Aluminium Panel

Induraplate is our solid 3mm aluminium panel and is 100% non-combustible. Durable, fire-tested, and fully compliant with all the latest building regulations, this is another great option if you are looking for an exterior cladding solution for any height project that is highly durable.

Stryum Interlocking Aluminium Panels

Stryum is available in 3 designer profiles, Shadow, Step and Seam which will suit many different architectural needs. It is available in the Interpon or Dulux powder coat colours giving you almost unlimited options for your final colour choice. 

Stryum interlocking aluminium panels can also be coated in our unique two-coat system to give a raised wood grain finish, making a very durable and authentic look that will not rot or need to be repainted or stained.

Practical materials for your building

Here at Paneltec, we provide facade materials that are non-combustible, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium is a lightweight material that is easy to install and customisable per your building’s requirements and limitations. Whatever your panelling and cladding needs, whatever the size or shape of your building, and whether your building is residential or commercial, an aluminium facade is the way to go.

Aluminium can be repainted if chipped and has high formability and a long lifespan with very little maintenance – making our aluminium panels and cladding an exceptionally popular option among customers. Paneltec’s materials are properly curated, stored, and installed to ensure lasting durability and quality. 

We can combine different colours on any project with a PVDF coating for enhanced protection and longevity. Other metals, such as zinc, can be added to facade panels, cladding, and rain screens to give you the best quality products for your home and office spaces. Aluminium also looks aesthetically good with a range of other materials, including glass, brick, and wood, allowing for a lot of stylistic diversity.

Why you should choose Paneltec cladding

Here at Paneltec, we pride ourselves on our cladding and panelling that is built to last. 

Maximising the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, so we only work with the highest quality materials. We always strive to improve our business, both in communication with customers and the security of our planet. 

That is why we use aluminium in our high-quality range. It is one of the most environmentally sustainable materials available – while remaining an affordable, low maintenance product. Paneltec’s low-maintenance materials have all been subject to exposure testing to prove their durability and overall effectiveness while keeping your exteriors looking amazing. 

Our materials are finished with protective coatings for UV rays and other weather conditions. We offer endless colour options for your commercial or residential buildings. Choose between the many different PVDF finishes such as a chromatic look, metallic look, sparkling look, wood look, stone look, concrete look, or solid colour finishes according to your design preferences.

Because our panels are so easy to cut, and fit to any style or surface – including brick, stone, concrete, wood and metal, whether interior or exterior – Paneltec consistently satisfies and impresses our customers.

Each of our products – the Induracore G2, the Indurabond, and the Induraplate, is fully certified to New Zealand and Australian building standards. With one of the largest stock holds in New Zealand, here at Paneltec we can confidently ensure consistent and punctual delivery to our network of specialist installers. The reliability of our service and supply chain is second-to-none.

We are more than happy to offer our expertise for end-to-end project management support. Therefore, when you choose Paneltec, you will have access to our team’s knowledge from start to finish.

Perfect for any project

The aluminium cladding available here at Paneltec is suitable for all commercial and residential areas. We bring an industrial and modern look to all manner of buildings, including public schools, apartment blocks, office blocks, and hotels. 

Businesses and residential properties are also ideal for our panelling and facades; we have worked on medical and healthcare facilities, hospitality industries (including restaurants, bars and pubs), office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, garages, Education facilities, and luxury homes and estates. 

With a long track record of service done right, trust us to make your business or home look modern and stylish. The diversity of what we can offer is seemingly endless. Whether you need interior or exterior work, style your home or commercial business with Paneltec facade materials today!