The Best Commercial Building Cladding Solutions

Paneltec specialises in commercial building cladding that is perfect for new commercial subdivisions, where buildings such as office blocks, medical centres, hotels, shopping centres, and warehouses are located. We offer the widest range of colours and multiple products to provide great options for clients. Contact us today to discuss what will be the most suitable product for your building!

We supply cladding products suitable for most commercial building types in New Zealand. From our base in Northland, we ensure our customers get the best prices and services – whether you are a developer, architect, builder or installer working on hotels, motels, industrial complexes, shopping centres, office buildings or residences etc, we will make sure that the right cladding is chosen for the right building type.

Commercial Building Cladding

We use premium-quality aluminium to make sure your cladding is going to be fit for purpose, at a low economic and environmental cost. Aluminium is perfect for commercial cladding, as it is affordable, durable and sustainable. Here at Paneltec, all cladding and panel products we provide are recyclable and have been exposure-tested to insure longevity and colour fastness for the building’s lifespan.

Paneltec wall cladding

Using our extensive expertise and experience, we create high-quality products to adorn and protect your commercial properties. With Paneltec cladding, made with high quality aluminium and UV resistant PVDF paint finishes, you can make your facility look fantastic without compromising on quality.

Along with these fantastic benefits, our aluminium facade cladding provides:

  • Weather-proofing to protect against sunlight and harsh NZ weather conditions
  • Extensive solid colour range and great range of wood, metallic and other finishes
  • Intense durability, protectability and longevity 
  • 15-year warranty on all product defects
  • Works well with multiple other facade materials, including brick, concrete, wood etc
  • Rigorously tested material for full building compliance

Our products meet all the latest New Zealand and Australian building standards, making them perfectly safe for use on any building project.

We promise a high-quality finish on all of our products – and this extends to our commercial cladding and panel selections. All of our cladding and exterior work is protected against the elements due to aluminium being less corrosive than most other metals and has extra protection via a PVDF paint finish that is resistant to salt spray, UV rays and industrial pollutants.

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally sustainable building materials available, as it makes up 8% of the Earth’s crust and can be continuously recycled. More than 70% of the aluminium that has ever been mined is still in production today. And that’s a huge part of why our team at Paneltec is so enthusiastic about using aluminium on commercial building cladding.

Customising your cladding

Our aluminium solutions at Paneltec work well with brick, stone, concrete, steel, slate, metal, and wooden cladding products. Such a flexible design scheme opens a world of possibilities for innovative architecture. Just consult our friendly and professional staff to discuss what cladding would work best for you.

Choose from our pre-designed collections or create a bespoke design that will make your building look wholly unique. Our aluminium cladding can easily wrap around archways, fascias, and can even be fabricated into sun blades. And with Paneltec, we deliver high-quality production from start to finish.

Perfect for any design

We can even perforate or carve our cladding products into all manner of shapes and dimensions for all applications.

This makes our commercial cladding the most versatile option for your new building’s architectural, long-lasting facade.

Endless colour options

We offer a wide array of colours and finishes to all cladding and paneling, and our commercial building cladding is no exception. With one of the largest stock holdings in New Zealand and in the largest range of colours. Depending on the type of cladding that you choose for your project, we have an unlimited range of colours and finishes available. Choose from Concrete finishes, Stone finishes, Metal finishes, Wood finishes, Chromatic finishes or Sparkling finishes, to enhance your building facade.

Project versatility

Here at Paneltec, we work with all types of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Schools (both public and private)
  • Apartment blocks
  • Motels and hotels
  • Hospitality commerce (such as restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs)
  • Industrial parks
  • Factories
  • Warehouses and other facilities
  • Offices, whether singular or multi-level office blocks
  • Vehicle depots and car dealerships
  • Self storage buildings
  • Workshops

As you can see, there is not much we can’t apply our cladding to. Give us a call to find out how we can deliver our exceptional cladding to your project.

A company you can rely on

We pride ourselves on being the number one provider of aluminium exterior facade solutions in New Zealand. Here at Paneltec, we provide our customers with immediate, friendly service. We do this by working closely with building and renovation project managers on commercial properties (and also residential properties) when installing cladding and facade panels. 

Aluminium is a green material that has a drastically reduced environmental cost when compared to most other building cladding materials. It shapes up to the high ecological standards that we hold here at Paneltec.

We utilise our 15 years of experience within the industry to make sure all our products are high quality, functional, and aesthetically attractive. Check out our previous projects to discover the wide range of projects we have serviced and the versatility of our products. 

If you need exterior or interior cladding on your commercial project, Paneltec can help in the process from design through to installation. Consult our friendly and experienced team to make your dream design a reality.