Discover about our range and how what we offer can assist any project you have in mind.

Stryum is our premier interlocking solid aluminium cladding system. Built to endure and styled to inspire. This panel comes in an unlimited range of powder coat finishes, and innovative textured woodgrains. It is available in five different profiles to cover all your architectural designs.

Induracore G2 is our unique ALP (aluminium laminated panel) cladding. With three layers of aluminium this is the perfect lightweight panel that can be used on any building, from high end residential through to high-rise buildings. With the largest colour range and stock in New Zealand this is the ideal panel for your architectural projects.

Indurabond is our ACM (aluminium composite panel) cladding. With a fire-rated composite core sandwiched between to aluminium cover sheets, this is the perfect cost-effective cladding for low-rise buildings 10 meters and below.

Induraplate is our 3mm solid aluminium cladding. A non-combustible, high-quality panel suitable for use on any height project. Perfect for high impact areas, and has excellent durability.