Aluminium Cladding; Advantages and Installation

November 3, 2022

When it comes to completing a building’s facade, two important things to consider are – functionality and aesthetics. Aesthetics is often one of the first things considered when choosing a cladding, as the overall appearance of the building is affected by the final material that is chosen. But just as important, if not more so, is functionality, as the cladding needs to be fit for purpose, and not need to be replaced in the near future due to damage by the harsh NZ weather.

This is where aluminium cladding comes into its own, as it is long lasting in both looks and strength.

Aluminium cladding has become more popular over the years due to its many advantages. On top of being a fantastic practical choice, it’s also beautiful and is very versatile when it comes to finishes and styles

Aluminium Cladding; Advantages and Installation

If you are interested in this kind of cladding for your building, keep reading to learn all about the incredible benefits that this cladding can bring.

The Many Notable Advantages Of Aluminium Cladding

At Paneltec we have a few different types of aluminium cladding that you can choose from, and all have their own benefits and uses. Some of the most prominent benefits that every building owner should know about are:

Flexibility. Aluminium is a light, malleable material. This means that aluminium cladding is easy to shape and cut to perfectly fit your building’s facade. So, no matter what your facade’s shape is, aluminium composite cladding can easily be shaped and customised to your liking. 

Durability. Despite being conveniently flexible, aluminium is also very durable. This type of cladding is very weather-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for buildings all across New Zealand. Aluminium is also very resistant to typical corrosion and rust from sea spray and air pollutants like other metals.

It’s Lightweight. A big concern that many building owners have is the weight of their building’s facade. If a facade is too heavy, the extra weight means that it is likely the foundations will need to be improved to be able to handle the extra weight. Luckily, aluminium is extremely lightweight, meaning it won’t put much extra stress on your building and is easy to transport and manage. 

Many Finish Options. When most people think of aluminium cladding, they often picture shimmering silver panels. While this is a classic, stylish and modern look, did you know that you have plenty of other appearance choices that you can select?

With the highly recognised PVDF and FEVE paints, we are able to match any solid colour imaginable. However it is also available in many different finishes such as concrete, wood grain, chromatic, corteen and others.

Low Maintenance. Cleaning your entire facade is no easy task. So, getting cladding that’s a pain to maintain will only lead to frustration. Every building owner who wants an easy-to-clean facade should consider aluminium cladding because it is low maintenance and most air pollutants are washed off by the New Zealand rain.

In addition to being easy to maintain, replacing damaged or broken panels is also a simple task. Our installers can remove any damaged panels and replace them with beautiful new ones.

Cost-Effective. Looking short term aluminium may seem expensive when quoted, but when you look long term, it is actually a reasonably cost-effective cladding. With very low maintenance, and long lasting PVDF paint finish, there is no need to repaint or stain, like many other contemporary claddings.

How Aluminium Cladding Is Installed

Aluminium’s lightweight and durable qualities make it easier to manage than most other kinds of metal.

It’s essential that you get a professional team to install your new cladding because improper installation can lead to serious issues. Your installation team should know exactly how to install cladding correctly. For example, they should know the right ways to correctly seal the panels to avoid leaking during harsh weather.

The time it takes to fully install your cladding will depend on the size of your facade. In order to learn more about your specific situation, you should contact your cladding manufacturer.

So, as you look for the best ways to complete your facade, remember the following:

  • Aluminium cladding is a fantastic choice that’s practical and gorgeous.
  • Aluminium is durable, flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for cladding.
  • Always have your cladding installed by trained professionals.


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