Solid 3mm Aluminium Panel

Induraplate is an 100% non-combustible solid aluminium panel solution.

Induraplate is a durable, high impact resistant, solid panel which can be curved and rolled. Induraplate features the same PVDF coating system as Paneltec’s Induracore G2; well proven for its superior quality and extensive colour range.

Product Overview

Induraplate is a 3mm non-combustible solid aluminium cassette cladding system that forms part of Paneltec’s range of fully compliant, non-combustible cladding solutions.

Induraplate panels come prefinished and the flexibility of the PVDF coating means that they do not require fabrication prior to coating unlike traditional powder coated cassettes, which minimises lead-times, damage and costs.

Induraplate Qualifications

AS/NZS 4284 Weatherproof Test

Induraplate has been tested to AS/NZS 4284 over rigid and flexible membranes and passed with full compliance

AS1530.1 Fire Test

Induraplate is tested to the AS1530.1 fire test and is a non-combustible material

Masterspec Partner

Induraplate specifications are available on Masterspec.

Key Benefits


Induraplate is AS1530.1 certified non- combustible.

Concealed Fix System

Induraplate is the same to fabricate and install as traditional ACP by CNC routing panels into the concealed fix z-angle cassette system.

Paint System

We only use the highly recognised PVDF KYNAR 500 or FEVE paints known for their high durability, providing the optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollutants.


Being full scale fire tested and offering simple and lightweight fabrication make Induraplate a suitable product for large infrastructure projects.


Induraplate can be custom designed into a wide range of shapes and dimensions as well as able to be perforated or curved in some applications making it a versatile design choice.


Induraplate has up to a 15 year warranty when installed by a licensed installer.


Induraplate is weatherproofed to E2 standards when using Paneltec’s NZS4284 tested system.

High Durability

Induraplate panels are highly durable and impact resistant. They can be used effectively in high traffic areas.


Induraplate Brochure

  • About
  • Key Features
  • Fire Testing
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Typical Composition
  • Technical Data
  • Coating
  • Fixing System

Indura Colour  Chart

  • About
  • Key Features
  • Fire Testing
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Typical Composition
  • Technical Data
  • Coating
  • Fixing System


Technical Manual

Z-angle Cavity Fixing System

Tophat Cavity Fixing System

PASS Certificate

CAD files

Warranty & Maintenance